Tanna Bailey, SP&SI patient

"A sure bet?  How could such a thing exist when the cards life dealt me included: narcolepsy, restless legs, periodic limb movement disorder and asthma sprinkled with severe allergies? These thoughts ran through my sleep deprived brain when first referred to Dr. Lucia. Could one doctor have the necessary skills to effectively treat disorders in such a wide variety of disciplines? Curiosity motivated me to make an appointment.  Hope, then confidence, transformed me into a satisfied healthy patient since 2003.  
Dr. Lucia’s compassionate, dedicated approach to listening, educating and treating his patients is a rare find amongst today’s doctors.  Under his care, my health and energy returned; along with a zest for living.  What do you say to a doctor who can do all this?  I say, 'Thank you for giving me my life back!!'
Dr. Lucia is indeed a 'sure bet'."
        - Tanna Bailey


"Genetics happen - luckily for us we found Dr. Lucia in time! Being 'blessed' with the wrong genes that impact the lung function so completely - and then not having anyone know what was really wrong, much less how to treat it - it was an absolute gift to have Doc. After a less than stellar experience with another practice, we found Doc Lucia. Taking the time to inform, explain, and answer the many questions is so important to a better outcome. Thanks!"
        - Steve F.


"I am 69 years old. Last year (one year ago) I suffered 4 strokes, not TMG's but strokes. During the past year I was falling apart in many ways. My primary care physician suggested that I had sleep apnea. The treatment and machine that I received changed my life completely. I am no longer exhausted, I sleep rested and have the energy I had thirty years ago -no kidding. Your staff is all professional and has helped me as a complete self-even walking with my prosthetic foot is smoother. I highly recommend Dr. Lucia and his staff."                                                                                                                                                                                          - Art B.