Sleep Products

SPSI Product Lists

Sierra Pulmonary & Sleep Institute provides the following products upon request. Upon check-out, please notify our staff that you are interested in purchasing our products. We accept cash, VISA, MASTERCARD & AMEX.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse kit-Bottle w/ 50 premixed packets

$12.38 (tax incl.)

NeilMed Sinus Rinse w/ 100 Premixed packets

13.99 (tax incl.)

NasoGel Saline Gel

$5.29 (tax incl.)

Biotene (Dry Mouth) Mouth Wash

$9.64 (tax incl.)

NasoGel Spray Gel

$8.61 (tax incl.)

Nasal Mist Spray

$7.51 (tax incl)

Snuggle Hose

$20.41 (tax incl.)

Quake Airway Clearance Device

$63.56 (tax incl.)


The Chronic Pain Care Workbook

$21.53 (tax incl.)

Incentive Spirometer (Voldyne)

$21.53 (tax incl.)



$21.53 (tax incl.)

Aerochamber Spacer

$21.53 (tax incl.)

Flutter Valve

$96.94 (tax incl.)
Peakflow Meter $26.92 (tax incl.)

Pulse Oximeter $115.72 (tax incl.)